Proper interview

400,00  + IVA

The set up to realize interviews at the highest quality, with double camera point on the speaker. The Canon EOS C200 is a professional camcorder that is both versatile and cinematic at the same time: the super 35 CMOS sensor can record up to 4K 50p in Cinema RAW light (using the Cfast 2.0 kit already included in the bundle) but also in the lightweight, high-performance format XF-AVC with which you will be able to record nearly 5h with a single 128GB SD card, without compromising quality. Canon EOS C200 It can be directly powered by direct energy but its batteries guarantee more than 4h of autonomy in continuous recording.

Lenses are offered to be able to combine a total frame and a closer frame, with fluid-headed stands that allow clean and precise movements. The lighting set up is proposed to have a lantern that provides soft lighting on the skin, with two led panels to complete the three-dimensionality of the picture. Finally, the Sennheiser AVX kit boasts incredible speed of setup, thanks to new wireless technology that can be handled by even a filmmaker unfamiliar with radio frequencies; the Sennheiser MKE2 capsule is a professional-quality standard that can be either declared or hidden under clothing. Ideal set up for interviews with managers, for editorial formats, or for the interview part within a film documentary. Don’t forget the skin colored tape!


Nanlite Lanterna LT120


Sagomatore a lanterna per diffondere la luce su 270°. Sono inclusi il fustone e le zavorre.

Cfast 2.0 Kit


Comprende due CFast 2.0 da 256GB e un lettore adeguato.

Important: You can change the rent dates for other materials that you want to rent in the cart!