Intervista easy

140,00  + IVA

Ideal set up for an interview with a single camera point.

The Gh5 features a high-performance battery and, combined with a versatile lens like the 12-60mm (which is equivalent to a 24-120mm on full frame) ensures a professional result with agile workflow and lightweight equipment. The 1120 led panels have variable white temperature and a 0-100% dimmer, the ability to be V-lock powered with a duration of about 1h, allowing maximum versatility and precision. Ultimately, the Sennheiser AVX kit features incredible speed of set-up, thanks to new wireless technology that can be handled even by a filmmaker unfamiliar with radio frequencies; the MKE2 capsule is a professional-grade standard that can be either declared or hidden under clothing. And, in that case, don’t forget the skin colored tape!


Sennheiser AVX MKE2 Kit


Sennheiser AVX MKE2 è il kit audio di trasmissione wireless molto flessibile, affidabile, sicuro e facile da usare.

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