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Are you deciding whether to rely on our service? Do you have any dubts or issues during the rental period or about the return phase? Here we answer to the most frequently asked questions!

Where can I find the contract that I am going to sign for the rental?

You can click here to read the general terms and conditions preview, that will need to be accepted to continue with the rental.

I want to book my equipment for the weekend. Am I going to pay for 2 days of rent?

No! With the weekend rate you will pickup on Friday after 5.00 pm and return on Monday before 11.00 am and you will pay only one day of rent. To use the weekend rate, just select Saturday as the only rent date, it will be automatically considered Sunday included as well.

Is there a security deposit for rental?

If the value of equipment requested for rental is more than €5,000.00, a credit card deposit is required.

Sidereus may, at its sole discretion, claim the guarantee even if the value of the rented equipment does not exceed the above value.

I need to rent some equipment, but I don’t know which ones are right for me. What can I do?

Just call us at 393 8754576, we will help you to choose the equipment that best fits your needs, evaluating compatibility and budget as well.

I need to rent some equipment that I have never used before. Can I do that?

We may suggest you to call us at 393 8754576 to share with us your level of competence and the goal you are willing to achieve, in this way we will valuate with you the right equipment choice.

SIDEREUS gives you the opportunity to test the equipment on site and independently before confirming the rental: simply arrange a time when the required equipment is available for testing. The trial is free.

In addition, (where the level of skills is suitable for the equipment required) SIDEREUS offers the opportunity to have a free training by our staff: simply request it in the Notes during the Order confirmation. We’ll let you know how early you can come and take advantage of the training.

“It may not be available” What does it mean?

Some dates may cause the question mark icon to appear, with the description “Product may not be available.” It means that the handles for pick-up and drop-off of another customer fall on the selected date.

Before proceeding, please call us at +39 393 8754576 so that our staff can confirm or deny availability based on your needs and prior deals with other reservations.

I am a current student. Do I qualify for discounts?

Yes! When you are creating your account upload, in addition to your ID, your university card/booklet (if there are sensitive data, such as bank details or credit card number, you can hide them: the important thing is that name and surname of the owner, the Institute of belonging and the expiry date are visible).

When your account is approved, a 30% discount code will be sent to you, valid on the equipment list dedicated to students and valid until the expiration date of your course of study. You can enter the code either on the shopping cart page (at the bottom of the added product list) or after clicking “Place Order” (at the top, where the yellow banner is).

To view equipment eligible for the student discount, click here.

I need the equipment for tomorrow, but I just submitted the order and my account is still waiting for confirmation. How do I proceed?

Don’t worry: if you already confirmed your order, even if your account is not confirmed yet, the equipment you choose has already been communicated to our staff. Check our opening hours and call us as soon as possible, at the number 393 8754576, so you can track the progress of your account verification. If the confirmation and settlement procedures are too slow, you can come to the office with the same identity documents loaded during registration, and pay the rent on site, by card or cash.

I forgot to add an item to the quote. Can I directly ask for it when I pickup?

Yes! You can add to the rent any available equipment. Just remember that the payment as to be made during the pickup, with cash or credit card.

We suggest anyway to make the order from the site, to inform you of availability in time and reduce to minimal any mistake. To do that, send a new booking only with the items you need to add, without including the already booked equipment.

Alternatively you can answer to the Order confirmation email and specify the additional equipment that you need. We will send you the new quote and a link to balance the difference.

I am a minor, can I rent?

The order holder must be 18 years of age or older. You can ask to a parent or a tutor to create an account for you and take you to the withdraw of the first rent. At subsequent rentals, it will be sufficient for the parent/guardian to make a proxy in your name to collect independently.

The proxy form, to be filled out for each hire after the first, you can download here.

My shooting will only last one day, but it is a long way from Milan. How are additional travel days calculated?

Unfortunately, the full and actual days the equipment is occupied are counted as rental days. Rates are actually calculated on occupied days, regardless of usage.

Can I cancel a confirmed order?

Yes! You may cancel your Order, without penalty, within 48 hours prior to the Withdrawal date. If you cancel within 48 hours prior to the Collection date, 50% of the rental price will be withheld, as specified in the Booking Conditions accepted with the Order confirmation. If you cancel the order on the day of pickup, and in case of no pickup without notice, the total amount of the rental will be retained.

Does the rental include insurance?

The insurance service is not included in the rent price. By signing the contract you assume full responsibility for damage or theft of rented equipment.

Can I rent stands, batteries, storage devices or filters without the belonging kit?

All the equipment you can rent separately are those listed in our on-line catalog. If you have specific needs you can write them in the Order Notes, but we do not guarantee additional quantities of accessories than stated on the product page.

I want to pick up the day before shooting, which dates I need to indicate during the booking phase?

The correct dates to select are the complete and effctive days in wich you need the equipment.

For example, your shooting day is going to be on Wednesday, set your date from Wednesday to Wednesday; you will have the possibiliy to pickup the equipment on Tuesday afternoon (from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm) and return on Thursday morning (from 9.00 am to 11.00 am) anyway, without any supplement costs. If you have any particular need, write them directly in the Order notes, the Staff will be able to assess the feasibiliy.

Early pickups or delayed deliveries diffrent from the standard schedules may require the payment of an additional day of rent.

A representative of mine will come to pick up the equipment booked on my behalf. What I need to do?

Click hereto download the delegation form, sign it indicating the name of the person who will come to collect and send it to SIDEREUS by email. Make sure the delegate brings ID with them.

Whether this person is an industry professional or not, the staff will be required to show them the equipment they are picking up, in accordance with the Order Acknowledgement, and have them sign the rental agreement: by picking it up, they are recognized as eligible.

I have been delegated to pick up the equipment from the rental holder. What do I need to know?

Remember to bring an ID with you.

Whether you are an industry professional or not, the staff will be required to show you the equipment you are picking up, in accordance with the Order Confirmation, because by picking it up it is recognized as suitable in quantity and functioning. You will be required to sign as a Courier, and your responsibility will be limited from the time of pickup until the equipment is delivered to the rental holder.

To SIDEREUS, the ultimate responsible for any damage or loss is always and in any case the owner of the rental, but he may take recourse against you in the absence of evidence confirming the passage of equipment, so we recommend that you make you sign the DDT by the owner of the rent, in the box of the Recipient as soon as the delivery of the equipment is made, to avoid problems between you in case of claims. SIDEREUS prefers the signing of documents in digital graphometric mode, for safety and environmental protection, but if you need you can ask us to print the DDT so you can have it on paper when you arrive on set.

I requested delivery at my address. What do I need to know?

Check your email or get in touch with us a couple of days before your rental departure so that we can agree on the exact time we will be at your address.

Make sure you are personally present, and that you have enough time and a safe space for equipment delivery. The staff will have to show you the suitability of the equipment in quantity and state of maintenance. He will evaluate, in his sole discretion, the inability to deliver the equipment to you if the place dedicated to these procedures is deemed unsafe (e.g., on the street, in crowded places, etc.).

If you cannot be personally present, complete the delegate procedures, via the form you can download by clicking here. Under no circumstances will equipment be handed over to persons not officially delegated (e.g., condominium janitor, relatives, etc.).

I requested delivery at my address, but I never used the equipment before. Is it still possible to take advantage of the free training?

Unfortunately, no . Tests and explanations of features and settings are granted only with on-site pickup.

I requested delivery at my address, but I forget something in my order. What can I do?

Within 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date, you can get in touch with us and request the accessory or equipment you would like to add. If necessary, we will send you a link to pay for the extras.

Remember, however, that no accessories or equipment can be added at the time of pickup itself (not even cables, sd cards, etc.).

Equipment doesn’t work properly. What I need to do?

First rule: keep your patience! The equipment is tested at every rental, so it’s rare that the malfunction is unsolvable, it’s more likely that it’s a matter of settings or configurations not in line with what you need.

If you can, call us at 393 8754576, we will try together to solve the problem. During non-working hours/days, write an SMS or WhatsApp: you will be contacted by our staff as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you have two options. First, consult our grimoire by clicking here: select the equipment you’re struggling with and see if any of the questions asked answer your problem. The second one: is there a QR code in the case? Frame it up! It will refer you to our Menabos, minimalist and concise tutorials to guide you through the correct settings.

There are wrong settings that I can’t manage to change. What can I do?

Check out our handouts: click here and then select the equipment you are struggling with. The main settings are explained step by step.

A device became damaged during the rent period. What I need to do?

Write an email immediately to describing the dynamics and scale of the damage (if you can, also attach a photo or video to illustrate it). If the damage prevents the use of the equipment and you need it to complete your work, after sending the email, call us at 393 8754576, we will look for a solution together, understanding that it is impossible to demand an equivalent replacement of the equipment. The rental agreement specifies the procedures that will be implemented.

I have had your equipment stolen. What I need to do?

Immediately go to the nearest Carabinieri Station or Police Station and file a complaint, declaring the ownership of SIDEREUS for the stolen goods and handing over a copy of the DDT to correctly report all the necessary data. After that, write an email to attaching a copy of the complaint. However, show up on the agreed-upon date to return the equipment so that the rental agreement can be closed and guidance on further procedures can be received.

Can I extend my rental period?

No. In order to extend a rental you must open a new booking request. Failure to show up on the agreed return date and within the maximum allowable time, without having opened a new reservation, results in compensation for increased damages with the initiation of legal proceedings.

I can’t get there within the agreed time. Are there any penalties to deal with?

Yes, arriving over the allowed time limit will cost, at a minimum, the additional rent day of the equipment, up to compensation for the greatest damage.

I would not be able to get to the return on time, can I delegate someone?

Yes, for the return phase there is no need of any written delegation or particular procedure: whoever will return the equipment will have to be present at the check by the staff and will be given a copy of the Rental Agreement with signature for acceptance of the rental closure, even by digital format. In case of damages, delays or missing equipment, the delegate will be the contact person and witness, assuming the responsibility of the signature that the staff will put on “Acceptance of rental closure with reservation”.

I would not be able to get to the return on time, can I send the equipment via courier?

We strongly do not recommend this method. In case this is your only solution, you must remember to insure the goods and that, towards us, it is the owner of the rental contract who is the only responsible for the equipment (also regarding damages during transport, delays or parts missing). The package will always be accepted “with reserve”, and only after the check by the staff will be confirmed the closure of the rental by email. In case of any kind of problems, the signer of the rental agreement will be called in.

During the equipment check, some equipment is missing or damaged. What happens?

The rental contract will be signed “with reservation”, both by the staff and by the customer (or its assignee), specifying the missing and possibly damaged equipment. In case of repairable damage chargeable to the user, will be opened the practice of repair with the manufacturer of the damaged equipment and will be communicated to the signer any costs. In case of loss or serious damage that prevents repair, compensation procedures are initiated.

In case of equipment parts forgotten or exchanged with your own, a second return date is simply agreed with the possible payment of additional rental days, if the missing part prevents the rental of the object to third party customers.

What will prove that I returned the equipment?

At the time of return our staff will check the quantity and functioning in accordance with the rental agreement signed at the time of pick up. If everything is in place and working, the person in charge of the check will sign for “Acceptance of Rental Closure” and send you the document to confirm the closure of the rental.

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