Indie shortfilm

330,00  + IVA

Full RAW! Perfect set up for independent film productions.

The Lumix S1H is one of the Netflix credited cameras for recording quality: it shoots up to 6K, and paired with the Ninja allows ProRes RAW. The cine prime lenses give justice to the camera body, ensuring maximum professionalism in directorial choices and in the aesthetic result. We propose two supports: a Manfrotto tripod for still images and a Ronin S2 pro combo able to support the weight of the combo S1H + cine lenses, and to offer the widest range of possibilities in movements. Find the audio bundle that best suits your needs!


Sigma MC-21 EF-L


Adattatore elettronico che ti permette di utilizzare le ottiche con attacco EF sulla camera ad attacco L. 



Comprende due SSD da 512GB e il lettore dedicato.

Important: You can change the rent dates for other materials that you want to rent in the cart!