Pro Interview

From 220,05 

Complete set up to realize a professional interview with double camera point on the subject.

The Lumix Gh5 are a guarantee of durability and quality: with a single battery they allow a recording of over 1h50min (in 4K 150mbps, and up to 2h40min in ultra HD) without interruption. The proposed zoom lenses have a fixed 2.8 aperture, and are designed to realize a total shot and a close-up. The proposed led light combo allows to realize a correct and functional basic set up, with two panels designed for key and fill light, and one light proposed for backlight; all three lights can be powered either by direct power or by battery, with an autonomy of about one hour. The professional audio kit proposes to combine a lavalier.


Sennheiser AVX MKE2 Kit


Sennheiser AVX MKE2 è il kit audio di trasmissione wireless molto flessibile, affidabile, sicuro e facile da usare.

Kit batteria V-Lock 190 Wh


Comprende due V-lock da 190Wh e un caricatore.

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