Lupo Daylight 1000 Dual Color

30,00  + IVA

The Lupo Daylight 1000 Dual Color fresnel projector is a perfect and operational solution for outdoor and studio shootings, thanks to the possibility of being battery-powered and the variable white temperature.

What’s included:
• Removable flags
• V-lock battery
• Stand
• Sandbag 4kg (8,8 lb)

Technical features:
• Weight 5kg (11 lb)
• White temperature: from 2500K to 6500K
• Power and absorption: 110W
• Emission @ 1m: 3500 Lux

With solid and sturdy construction, it lives up to the standards that the Lupo brand has accustomed its customers to. The double powering solution allows to use the light both outdoors (via V-lock battery) and indoors (via power supply). The possibility of having variable white temperature allows this projector to be used in different areas and environments. The integrated Fresnel lens makes the light to be concentrated in a specific point of the field, varying between spot and flood, and with dimmable intensity.

When you pick it up at Sidereus, you will be able to purchase various colored or conversion gels, along with wooden clothespins, to make your headlight beam colorful! You can also write us your needs in the “Order Notes”, so you’ll be sure everything will be available for purchase.


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