Lupo Superpanel 30 Full color

35,00  + IVA

The Lupo Superpanel 30 Full color RGB panel delivers soft, chromatically accurate light in a lightweight, intuitive light body that can be powered by battery.

What’s included:
• Flags
• Softbox
• External power supply
• Stand
• Sandbag 4kg (8,8 lb)

Technical features:
• Weight: 3.7KG
• White temperature from 2800K to 10’000K
• Power and absorption: 200W
• Emission @ 1m: 3800 Lux
• Can be used via DMX

The LED panel made by Lupo includes in a weight of 3.7Kg many functions, such as the possibility of using the RGB color spectrum to color any scene. The very accurate temperature control allows you to switch between warm colors (2800K) and ice blue (10,000K) as well as allowing you to adjust the magenta and green components to match the panel to other luminaires.  The double possibility of dissipating the heat developed by the light, allows you to turn on and off the integrated fan and use the panel in a sound-sensitive environment. You can add a 190Wh V-Lock kit so you can take the lights outdoors and use them freely in any environment.


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3.7 kg