Projector Cylinder Shaper Jinbei DP-06

15,00  + IVA

The Jinbei DP-06 shaping cylinder projector for rent is a versatile and creative tool for your photo and video productions. This Bowens-mounted shaping cylinder can be used with both flash and continuous LED light up to 300W power, making it ideal for any shooting situation. With its 150mm optics, 4 shaping blades and 8 included gobos, the Jinbei DP-06 allows you to create unique and striking lighting effects.

What’s included:

– DP-Ø6 Focusing Snoot
– Ottica 150mm con custodia
– 8 gobos
– gobo rig
– 5 gel colors

Technical features:

– Weight: 1.4 Kg
– Color temperature: adjustable according to the gelatin used
– Compatible with flashes and LEDs with Bowens attachments

Have you ever wondered how to achieve the effect of light streaming through the window? Here, just with this kind of accessory! By renting the Jinbei DP-Ø6 projector, you can become even more creative in studio photography. Not only light streaming through the window, but also branches, moon, light cuts, and much more. Attaching the shaping cylinder to the light body is as simple as using the included stencils or colored films to project perfectly focused or blurred images.

The Jinbei DP-06 rental is perfect for adding an artistic and professional touch to your projects. Weighing only 2.8 kg, it is easy to transport and install in any location. Weighing only 2.8 kilograms, it is easy to transport and install in any location. Using the included gobos, you can create unique and varied scenic effects that make your images extraordinary. The 5 color gels allow you to play with shades and create different atmospheres, making the Jinbei DP-06 an indispensable tool for discerning photographers and videomakers.

Our rental kit is complete with every functional and useful accessory for its installation, all in one convenient box for transport. Don’t forget to select additional light modifiers and accessories from our catalog to customize your set further. If you also need light, we suggest the Nanlite Forza 300, which you can add by clicking here.

Remember that you can pick up from 5 pm the day before and drop off by 11 am the next day at no extra charge. To take advantage of the weekend rate, select Saturday only as the date: Monday morning drop-off will automatically be understood.


Ritiro e consegna

Pick-up and drop-off are understood to be at the SIDEREUS headquarters, at 6 Via Gualdo Priorato in Milan.
On-site pickup is the mode we strongly suggest: we will thus be able to guarantee you the consulting service, free training, as well as the possibility of integrating in the order any accessories not declared before.

In case of specific needs, we offer transportation service in the Municipality of Milan and some neighboring municipalities, with different prices according to the ZIP code. For more information, see our FAQs under "pickup."

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