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Andoer LED Dual Color

10,00  + IVA

The Andoer Dual-color LED panel is an economical and lightweight solution for on-the-go shootings with a limited budget. It offers adjustable white temperature and the possibility to be battery-powered.

What’s included:
• Removable flags
• Main power supply
• V-lock battery
• Stand
• Sandbag 4kg (8,8 lb)

Technical features:
• Weight less than 2 kg (4,4 lb)
• Variable white temperature from 3200K to 5500K
• LED power: 30W
• Maximum emission: 4260 lumens

The LED Dual-color Andoer is made of lightweight and resistant aluminum. The variable white temperature (from 3200K to 5500K) allows the panel to be used in any ambient light situation. An absorption power of only 30W allows you to use the light with a 95Wh V-Lock and offers a duration of over 3 hours at maximum power with a single charge. The overall light output of the light is 4260 lumens.

During your pickup at Sidereus, you’ll be able to purchase various colored or conversion gels, along with wooden clothespins, to make your panel’s light beam colorful! If you have specific needs and want to be sure that everything will be available for purchase, call or write us in the “Order Notes”.


Remember that you can pick up from 5 pm the day before and drop off by 11 am the next day at no extra charge. To take advantage of the weekend rate, select Saturday only as the date: Monday morning drop-off will automatically be understood.


Ritiro e consegna

Pick-up and drop-off are understood to be at the SIDEREUS headquarters, at 6 Via Gualdo Priorato in Milan.
On-site pickup is the mode we strongly suggest: we will thus be able to guarantee you the consulting service, free training, as well as the possibility of integrating in the order any accessories not declared before.

In case of specific needs, we offer transportation service in the Municipality of Milan and some neighboring municipalities, with different prices according to the ZIP code. For more information, see our FAQs under "pickup."

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